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As Registered Respiratory Therapists and founders of RespLabs Medical Inc., we have encountered countless patients with the same issues, complaints and struggles with their CPAP therapy. Through years of clinical practice, we've discovered that when patients were using their therapy nightly, it became in many cases, nothing short of life changing.

Even so, many patients still struggle using their CPAP machine due to facial pressure sores, red marks, a sticky sweaty face, skin irritation and embarrassing headgear imprints. Our team at RespLabs Medical understands the benefits of CPAP therapy and have made it our mission to Make CPAP Simple. Our products help clean, filter, and make the mask and headgear more comfortable to use and prevent common challenges using CPAP.

Imagine waking up feeling refreshed after using your CPAP mask all night. No more pressure sores, headgear imprints and skin irritation. Your face feels clean and dry. You are ready to start your day with energy for the first time in years.

Starting out right is key. Do not let your mask and headgear cause you pressure sores, red marks, or skin irritation before finding a solution to your problem. RespLabs Medical has a variety of CPAP comfort products available: Try out our custom made nasal and full-face mask liners, CPAP strap covers, hose covers, CPAP Chap lotion and more.

RespLabs Medical specializes in all components of CPAP accessories: Cleaning, Comfort, Filtration, Spare Supplies, Travel, Emergency Back-up, Personalization and more.

Our products are exclusively on Amazon Worldwide.

We invite you to Make CPAP Simple with RespLabs Medical Inc. We are available in North America, Europe, Asia and constantly new markets. If you enjoy live-shopping, join us by visiting our Amazon Live channel at