Chapter 6: CPAP World Tour


Here is where the fun begins. I compared earlier to 10+ years ago, and the options are much more plentiful.
You can travel the world, urban or outback, with an optional lightweight travel CPAP machine, cpap batteries, solar panels and other items that can make you more mobile.
If you have the budget for it, there are lightweight low-profile CPAP machines like the AirMini by ResMed, Z2 by Breas or the Transcend by Somnetics, all great for travel.
Batteries for travel are an important discussion point depending on if you are flying. Especially when TSA / FAA requirements regulation is in effect. In summary, you have no restrictions if your battery capacity is less than 100 watt-hours.
TSA Guidelines           FAA Guidelines
To extend battery life in a major way on any battery: turn off your heater in your humidifier, and either use standard tubing or turn off the heater in your heated tubing. Both changes have the potential to lower your energy consumption in half or more, which in turn gives you the longer therapy you need. You will see the directions on how to do this on most machines in the humidity section.
Typically, you will need to take your CPAP machine in your carry-on for travel, but it should not count towards your bag count. When traveling around the world, consider getting a travel outlet adaptor.
Hose covers can help maintain the internal temperature of the tubing without a heater. Keep using distilled water if you can, especially to new destinations where water quality is questionable. However, for some travel machines like the AirMini, they use an HME (Heat Moisture Exchanger) which will recycle humidity from the air you exhale.

Tools for World Travel:
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           ResMed AirMini HumidX (HMEs) on Amazon

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