Chapter 5: CPAP Cleaning Made Easy

Most of the views here are opinions backed by the experience of our users.
The long and short of it: if you can keep your device and therapy equipment clean, without going overboard, you will save valuable time and decrease vulnerability to infection.
The best cleaning option available is the good old soap and water. You can always rely on it. Point blank.
There is a lot of debate and issues brought to attention when it comes to CPAP cleaners, recalls on machines. It is for a good reason. All the tools below products will supplement regular cleaning with soap and water.
Ozone Sanitizers: Ozone gas as a sanitizer is a big topic in the CPAP world.
The most practical advice I can give is to not use ozone gas sanitizer inside a CPAP device.
Meaning it should not connect directly to the compressor or flow generator. We must be able to see inside of whatever is being sanitized. Using it inside the device can void a warranty from ResMed and Philips.
It is my belief, ozone can be a viable sanitizer for other components, especially a mask. The keyword is sanitizer, not cleaner.
CPAP equipment must still be cleaned before using an ozone gas sanitizer. It is misleading to consumers to present a cleaning device as waterless. Who cares if it’s waterless?
Put it this way: Let us say there is a spot of dirt on a mask that is about a ¼ inch in diameter. When you sanitize that mask with ozone gas, do you think that a piece of dirt is still going to be there after? Damn right if you said yes. “But we state you need to use a prewash”- manufacturers. It is a bit deceptive. There are good options out there for your mask, tubing and other non-flow generator items.

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Ultraviolet Sanitizers: These appear to be a good option for sanitization using UV light, you still need to clean it first. Keep in mind that as a sanitizer, it may not get into the cracks to sanitize like ozone gas would otherwise penetrate.

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Ultrasonic Cleaners: We like these. Add some soap and water, create the little bubbles that implode and clean well. (Keyword: clean, not sanitized)
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CPAP Mask Wipes: CPAP mask wipes are a terrific way to make the next soap and water clean much more effective. Use them to wipe your mask down in the morning, let dry and then your weekly deep clean will be much more effective. Also, if you use an AirTouch style mask with memory foam, manufacturers recommend only using mask wipes. If you were to otherwise submerge the memory foam masks, they would sponge and store water droplets, which can lead to mold and other issues you will want to avoid.
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