Chapter 4: Preventing Interruption


If you’re anything like me, you've took notice the amount of power outages, forest fires, hurricanes, and other natural disasters seems like it is increasing (or maybe the media has it in our face more often). Either way, your CPAP therapy is important for your health, and interrupting is just not worth it. Great Sleep = Great Life. 
Therefore, let us first introduce the UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) concept, which is nothing more than having a battery in between your wall power outlet, so that if for any reason there is a power outage, you still get CPAP therapy. By the way, this is something not all battery packs come with built in.
The battery can also make your CPAP more mobile, which you may need to be ready for if there was a natural disaster like those mentioned above.
Knowing and having back up power options can put you at ease, and make sure your therapy is sustained in the event of any abnormal event in your environment.
Maintaining your CPAP during some of the stated events is also important. The number of filters that you can go through when you’re near or experiencing the aftereffects of a forest fire can be plenty.
Spare supplies in a backup kit are a great resource: tubing, filters, an extra water chamber, HMEs, distilled water, a backup device.
Tools to Ensure Uninterrupted Sleep Therapy:
Back Up Battery with UPS – See the Freedom CPAP Battery.
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Spare Supplies – These are the usual assortment of replacement supplies that are extremely useful as a back-up if you have a malfunction. Right now, there is a major supply chain shortage that is affecting all world markets, and you can prepare for this by having back-up tubing, filters, and other important supply items.
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Spare Machine – A back up machine is a great way to make sure your therapy is uninterrupted. If you already have a travel machine, that an easily work as your back-up. We would highly recommend you use your local DME or whoever provided you with your existing machine to find a spare unit, sometimes you can get it at a reduced cost.

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